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RE: Certified Quality Management-in-Commerce

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In Commerce, Does "Good Quality" Matter to You?

Remember the last time you ordered something, convinced by a vendor that the quality of their product or service was good. After receiving the goods or services, you discover the quality was nothing near what you expected. For example, many consumers feel that the Canadian finance sector has a similar problem. Studies show that a significant number of Canadians are dissatisfied with their current experience with their existing banking and finance providers; from customer service to failing to meet customer requirements. Implementing a Registered Quality Management System, built from the ground up, using seminal "blockchain" systems, technology, services and products [developed by Anoop Bungay and first applied in a finance application, in the early 2000's -] solves the problem.

Welcome to the MQCC: The Future of Commerce

Where Quality Lives.

Registered to National (Canada) & International Standards for Quality Management: "Risk Reduction, Accountability, Transparency and Efficiency through Certified Quality Management".

Let's Start with the Finance Sector

In the finance sector, many organizations claim to offer a quality product or service in their websites and marketing material. Since 2008, the Money Quality Conformity Control Organization MQCC  [a division of MortgageQuote Canada Corp.,] is the only finance sector organization of it's kind, able to prove it offers quality. This ability enables the MQCC to  demonstrate to legislators, regulators, regulatees, customers, prospective customers and other interested parties that the MQCC is not just adhering to good practice, the MQCC has developed systems and technology to ensure good practice, in a system that conforms to statutory, regulatory and process requirements on an ongoing basis.

How? the MQCC is  the world's first and only quality managed finance sector organization that operates a litigation-tested, regulatory-recognized risk based, unified Quality Management System (uQMS) which is registered to comply with the rigorous requirements of the National Standard of Canada for Quality Management, namely, ISO 9000 and ISO 9001; and, more specifically, ISO 9001:2015, for the scope of mortgage banking ("lending" in Canada) and mortgage brokerage operations.

The  MQCC uQMS operates within an overarching quality management system, namely, the MQCC Blockchain Conformity Management Standard Brand of Quality Management System (trademarked as Archangel™).  Archangel, is built upon blockchain "proof-of-work" technology [Blockchain Zero One™] - certified to meet both the rigorous 'National Standard of Canada' for Quality Management Systems, published by the CSA Group (Canadian Standards Association) and the 'American National Standard' (ANS) for Quality Management Systems published by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). The Standard is recognized and trusted by Canadians, American's and consumers in over 119 countries including UK & AU.

No other finance sector organization in Canada or the world is able to make this claim respecting certification to ISO 9001:2015 for the scope of mortgage banking ("lending" in Canada) and mortgage brokerage operations; and the ability to expand to additional scopes of business. Register with the MQCC website to read this section in the registered-user section of the website: World’s First: Canada’s Only - Proof.

In our ever increasing world of investor and consumer uncertainty, those finance sector companies that are able to certifiably demonstrate that their operations are designed to provide safe, reliable and good products and services, will be pacesetters for the future.

Standards help to ensure better, safer and more efficient methods and products, and are an essential element of technology, innovation and trade.

The Future of Commerce; the Future of Finance.

The MQCC's Business Enterprise Quality Management System is Registered to the Canadian Equivalent of ISO 9001:2015 published by:

 Canada's National Standard for Quality Management ISO 9001:2015
CSA Group: "Helping improve the safety and quality of the products and services that touch your life." 

Welcome to the MQCC System



After reading all of the foregoing, ask yourself: Who would YOU trust your money with?

MQCC: A new system, a new standard, a new benchmark in Canadian and global finance.

Yes, there is a "better way" to trust & confidence in Finance; the MQCCapproach is your "better way". 

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