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Welcome to; an initiative of MQCC Bungay International LLC (MortgageQuote Canada Corp. and Bungay International Inc.); for over 20 years, the world's trusted, authoritative source for "What is 'BlockChain'" - a subordinate abstracted concept system - from the originating source.

The internet, regulators, legislators, policy-makers, lawyers, scholars, dictionaries, corporate risk insurance professionals, students and millions of MAINSTREET  RESIDENTS (students, investors, business people)  have the WRONG - INCORRECT - understanding and definition of the concept system known as 'BlockChain'. Unqualified people are knowingly or unwittingly perpetuating a false or incorrect narrative resulting in nonconformity that is causing  MAINSTREET RESIDENTS to LOSE $$$ millions of dollars (financial loss). 

Stop the madness; slow down and learn from the originating source.

The correct definition of the subordinate concept 'BlockChain', or terminologically knowns as the Bungay Unification of Quantum Processes Algorithm also represented as the "Principles of 'BlockChain'" or simplified to the generic compound equivalent terms: 'block-chain' or 'Block-Chain' is formed out of the originating body of knowledge that created the "World's first globally accessible, internationally trusted, regulatory-integrated, professional liability insured, commercialized peer-to-peer electronic finance system' at least as early as April 9, 2005 at Canada: Canada's Private Lending Network®" (

Learn correctly, learn from the originating source; learn from


To learn the fully history of the origin of the concept of 'BlockChain', go to your local public library, university library, higher center of education library or law library and access the encyclopedic authoritative reference entitled: Origin of a Specie™;  part of the Father of BlockChain™ trademark brand, series of printed publications and encyclopedias; found at

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  • Section J (Information and communication)
  • Section K (Financial and insurance activities
    • Class 6492 > credit granting; money lending outside the banking system
    • Class 6619 > activities auxiliary to financial service activities; activities of mortgage advisers and brokers 
  • Section M (Professional, scientific and technical activities)  This section includes specialized professional, scientific and technical activities. These activities require a high degree of training, and make specialized knowledge and skills available to users
  • Section N (Administrative and support service activities)
  • Section P (Education)
  • Section S (Other service activities)
The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) equivalent classification to the UNSD Classes is:
  • non-depository credit intermediary 
  • mortgage and non-mortgage loan brokers
Similar industry equivalencies exist in all countries who participate in the United Nations.

Subject to the jurisdiction, from a governance (statutory or regulatory) perspective, MortgageQuote Canada Corp. MQCC™ business activity, namely, real-estate-secured (mortgage) intermediary activity, are deemed to be:
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In its country of origin, Canada, MortgageQuote Canada Corp. MQCC™'s real-estate-secured (mortgage) intermediary activity is regulated by three provincial or territorial jurisdictions:
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MortgageQuote Canada Corp. MQCC™ may trade in other Canadian provincial or territorial jurisdictions, subject to statutory or regulatory requirements or exemptions.

In Canada, education in private equity mortgage (PEM®) subject matter, competency and proficiency credentialing is an unregulated activity. Providing advice respective specific financial transactions, might be subject to regulatory oversight.

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