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Ensure your corporation is managed rightly and effectively; and your right to continuous disclosure is maintained.

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You are a chief, major (individual, group or institutional) Non-Managing Investor-Shareholder or sole Managing Investor-Shareholder of a finance sector or public (reporting non-reporting securities issuer) company.  Do you "sleep well at night" knowing that your Board, Officers and Directors are managing your business in a certified statutory, regulatory and process (SRP™) compliant manner? Continuous Disclosure is vital.

MQCC™'s proven system  ensures the business you invest in, is managed in a manner that ensures statutory, regulatory and process conformity; and exceeds Continuous Disclosure standards required by public (reporting and non-reporting securities issuer) companies.

Introducing MQCC™ ISOS™. The evolution and convergence of operating systems and reporting systems.

MQCC's Investor-Shareholder Oversight System: ISOS 

The Investor-Shareholder Oversight System ISOS helps the two types of Investor-Shareholders, namely:

  1. Non-Managing Investor-Shareholder (NMIS) and
  2. Managing Investor-Shareholders (MIS) 
"Sleep well at night™" knowing that stewardship and management of the organization in which the shareholder has invested, is being done in a statutory, regulatory and process compliant manner.  Further, all disclosure meets or exceeds Continuous Disclosure requirements of public companies. Register with the website to learn more about the distinction between NMIS and MIS.

MQCC ISOS - for MIS a Proprietary Class of Enterprise System

ISOS is a specialized variation of the MQCC enterprise system; its flagship: unified Quality Management System (uQMS).

When developing the ISOS specialization, MQCC created a new proprietary class of enterprise-level operating ecosystem given it the trademark brand name of: "Moment by Moment Management & Reporting System", abbreviated as MMMRS or 3MRS.

ISOS­™ is designed to give the Managing Investor-Shareholders (MIS)  or Organization Top Leadership & Managers real-time oversight into the entire operations of a regulated or non-regulated financial sector organization: bank, lender, investment company, broker agency; or a public (reporting or non-reporting issuer) company; on a moment-by-moment  and per-transaction basis.  A true, continuous disclosure system that is certifiable to meet or exceed the common sense "reasonable investor" test and requirements for public companies.


Data Captured by MQCC ISOS­™

  • Changes in Corporate Structure
  • Changes in Capital Structure
  • Changes in Financial Results
  • Changes in Business and Operations
  • Acquisitions and Dispositions
  • Changes in Credit Arrangements
  • Internal and External Risk Elements including: External Political, Economic and Social Development

  • Operations & Transactions

    For industries where transactions are sensitive in nature, if an opportunity or transaction enters the company, MQCC ISOS will enable the MIS or Organization Top Management to know the transactions are being processed in a statutory, regulatory and process compliant manner. Additionally, MIS or Organization Top Management will be able to see the 5W's (who, what, where, when, why) of the opportunity or transaction at a glance: 

    • Who is bringing the opportunity or transaction
    • What product or service does the opportunity or transaction require
    • Where is the opportunity or transaction going to be delivered or serviced
    • When did the opportunity or transaction originate
    • Why did the opportunity or transaction come to your firm
    • Is the company being managed effectively and efficiently in a statutory, regulatory and process compliant manner?

    If there is a non-conformity at any stage of  process, ISOS will be able to report to the MIS and allow the MIS to investigate "at-a-glance" and determine the appropriate corrective action or otherwise mitigate the situation. Of course, the MIS might also have Directors, Officers and Employees to do the work. ISOS let's the MIS know that his or her Directors, Officers and Employees are actually doing the work that they are required to.

    Further: ISOS can be integrated with your IFRS and non-IFRS financial systems, for accounting, reporting and financial stewardship purposes.

    "Trust your Trustees, Direct your Directors, Oversee your Officers, Manage your Managers and Empower your Employees™" you can "sleep well at night.™"


    Are you a Non-Managing Investor-Shareholders? 

    Enforce your rights with  

    ISOS - a specialized variation of the MQCC uQMS, designed to integrate "moment by moment management™" with organization reporting.

    That's what ISOS is for! The MQCC Investor-Shareholder Oversight System ISOS

    If you are a non-managing investor-shareholder in a public financial sector company, what can you do if you want the ability to "sleep well at night™"? 

    At your next Annual General Meeting  (AGM) or shareholder's meeting, do the following:

    • Raise a shareholder resolution  as per your rights.  As an investor-shareholder, you exercise most of your influence over how the corporation is run by passing resolutions at shareholders' meetings. Decisions are made by ordinary, special or unanimous resolutions. Or, before you next AGM, send your Directors a link to this page: Regulated Financial Institutions and tell them to implement the MQCC uQMS system (by way of voting, of course).

    "Trust your Trustees, Direct your Directors, Oversee your Officers, Manage your Managers and Empower your Employees" you can "sleep well at night."

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