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"You don't need to own real estate to INVEST and LEND on real estate; the SAFEST form of  financing your retirement security."

Generate  safe: (low-volatile; 100% fully secured; regulated; BlockChain-based) above market investment returns, using Registered  Savings Plans (RSP) including: RSP; Locked-in RSP (LRSP)/Locked-in Retirement Account (LIRA); Life Income Fund (LIF); New LIF; Restricted Locked-in Savings Plan (RLSP); Spousal RSP; Retirement Income Fund (RIF); Prescribed RIF; Locked-in Retirement Income Fund (LRIF); Restricted Life Income Fund (RLIF)

MQCC ( is the Global Leader in Bespoke, LIFETIME-Tax-Deferred Private Equity Income Funds (PEIFs) & Bespoke, Private Equity Income Annuities (PEAs)

Learn how to make tax deferred $$$ money from bespoke, private mortgage, monthly cash payment annuities after age 55 until death (and your surviging spouse's death) through MQCC's Suite of Bespoke Private Equity MortgageRIF (Retirement Income Fund) & Private Equity MortgageLIF (Life Income Fund) creation services.

Yes, you can invest in direct mortgages to help you save for your retirement. Every one has a wish for their retirement activities and the best way to achieve your goal is to develop, implement and maintain a retirement savings plan, otherwise known as an "RSP".

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